1. waste of time in frivolous action or in dawdling.
  2. brief or casual involvement with something.
Latest project updates

ElasticSearch on CentOS 7

A brief primer on installing, configurating and populating ElasticSearch with some sample data.

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Graphite on CentOS 7

Hurdles I had to overcome installing my first graphite instance. All other documentation was confusing.

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RGB LED Strip Lights

Control RGB strip lights with an Adafruit PWM and a Raspberry Pi running NodeJS. Just in time for the Holidays.

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After having some money to burn, I decided to grab a Raspberry Pi and a a few Cisco IP phones.

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Openfiler has an ABYSMAL support forum, they want you to pay for every piece of support, and the user community is not active. I merely documented my findings so nobody else has to go through the pain. Yes, I do still use my Openfiler, it works for me(tm), and I do like it.

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Latest blog post

Tweaking the Bootstrap Carousel

While playing with the Bootstrap carousel javascript on my photography page, it immediately seemed stale. While I like the first image, I wanted to use a hash in the url to allow hotlinking to a specific image.

This one took quite a bit of Google searching as not many people have done this, additionally it is my first time playing with hashes in the url, and bootstrap carousel.

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Latest notebook entries


Tips and tricks I've picked up and wrote down while trying to figure something out in OSX. Hopefully it saves you some banging of the head.

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No matter how many times I use openssl or ssh-keygen, I can never remember the damn syntax...

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Simple Event Correlator

Configurations and scripts I found collected while using the most awesomest piece of code written for parsing log files.

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