Tweaking the Bootstrap Carousel

While playing with the Bootstrap carousel javascript on my photography page, it immediately seemed stale. While I like the first image, I wanted to use a hash in the url to allow hotlinking to a specific image.

This one took quite a bit of Google searching as not many people have done this, additionally it is my first time playing with hashes in the url, and bootstrap carousel.

Finding the Active Item

First, I found the currently displayed image has a div class of active. Of note, the carousel does not care which is active at any time, it will always act accordingly (my fear was that there was some sort of internal counter and I could not programatically change the "active" picture without futzing something up. When you have worked with as many programming languages and deciphered as much hack code as I have, you would understand why I was worried). Suffice to say this was the easy part. Simply call .removeClass('active') on the current active item.

    $('#my-carousel-id .carousel-inner').removeClass('active');
Setting the Active Item

My method for which image to activate was easy, passing a 4 would activate the 4th image. This made it possible to use the jquery nth-child selector. Once I had the index I wanted to activate, it was as simple calling .addClass('active') to show it.

    $('#my-carousel-id .carousel-inner div:nth-child(' + url.split('#')[1] + ')').addClass('active');

You can make this as complicated as you need to as long as your HTML structure supports it, but I did not have that desire. If you would like to activate based on id, then you would need to set an id for each div item.

You will notice that I am using the url.split method of finding the hash, I could have easily used window.location.hash to get the information, but I did not want to then have to parse out the # (which comes with window.location.hash).

Updating the URL

Finally, I now need to update the location bar based upon any movement made in the carousel. When I change the picture, I want the location url (and hash) to change as well, this way I can find the picture I want, and copy the URL to send.

Normally, I would just bind to the onmouseover, or click events, but this was the carousel, which can move on its own! I did not solve this one myself, but with the help of a stackoverflow post. The event which is triggered upon completion of the carousel move (whether via prev-next click or automatic advancing) is slid. You can bind on that event, and run your own function.

    $('#my-carousel-id').bind('slid', function() { alert('Hot potatoe!'); });

Earlier, I mentioned window.location.hash. Good news! This is WRITABLE. Upon binding to the slid event, I just found the current nth-child index and wrote the hash back. Be mindful that the .index() is 0-based (starts counting from 0), but nth-child (which is used to set the active picture, above) is 1-based (starts counting from 1). Therefore, we parse the index as an integer and add one (1) to it before writing the hash.

    window.location.hash = "#"+ parseInt($('#my-carousel-id .carousel-inner').index()+1);


var url = document.location.toString();
if (url.match('#')) {
    // Clear active item
    $('#my-carousel-id .carousel-inner').removeClass('active');

    // Activate item number #hash
    $('.carousel-inner div:nth-child(' + url.split('#')[1] + ')').addClass('active');

$('#my-carousel-id').bind('slid', function (e) {
    // Update location based on slide (index is 0-based)
    window.location.hash = "#"+ parseInt($('#my-carousel-id .carousel-inner').index()+1);


Just checkout my photography page. This will hot link directly to my favorite ornament.




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