Cisco ASA


Add Domain Controllers as AAA Servers


  • Configuration -> Remote Access VPN -> AAA/Local Users -> AAA Server Groups
  • Add AAA Server Group
  • Server Group: My LDAP Group
  • Protocol: LDAP
  • Add Servers in the AAA Server Group
  • Base DN: dc=domain,dc=local
  • Naming Attribute: sAMAccountName
  • Login DN: cn=Administrator,cn=Users,dc=domain,dc=local
  • Login Password: sekret123

Getting Login Error or Login Denied and you know your password is right?? Log into the console and try some of the debugging commands (not recommended to turn on all at the same time on a heavily used server).

Turn on:

debug webvpn svc 255
debug dap trace
debug ldap 255

Turn off:

no debug webvpn svc
no debug dap trace
no debug ldap


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