Tweaking the Bootstrap Carousel


While playing with the Bootstrap carousel javascript on my photography page, it immediately seemed stale. While I like the first image, I wanted to use a hash in the url to allow hotlinking to a specific image.

This one took quite a bit of Google searching as not many people have done this, additionally it is my first time playing with hashes in the url, and bootstrap carousel.

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After failing to find an irssi plugin which solved all my problems, I had to write my own.


  • Receive notifications from private messages, public messages, and hilights while away.
  • Duplicate suppression
  • Sets target (#channel, nick) as title to easily distinguish between private messages and public messages
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Google TV - Strike Two


After my last scathing review, I am happy to say that a number of things have changed, however, I still feel that Google TV is seriously missing focus.

At the very core of Google TV is an internet-connected device that interfaces with my set-top box and can overlay information on my TV. They clearly do not understand what a fantastic idea they have and the potential for greatness! The internet connected device can automatically get any information AND make intelligent judgements. The interfacing with my set-top box means it can ACT on the information and intelligent judgements. The ability to overlay information means it can display information the information without having to change an input or obscure the TV.

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Google TV is not a Media Center Replacement


My first attempt at a home theatre system was an XBMC on an original Xbox. Once that outlived its usefulness (read: I got a girlfriend who didn’t want to use a controller as a remote), I transitioned to an AppleTV running XBMC. When GoogleTV was announced, I thought it was the answer to my prayers, I was wrong.

The main problem is other companies. Do I fault Google? Yes, a little. However, additional faults lie with Logitech, Motorola and the content distributers.

I figured with the recent price drop of the Logitech Revue to $99, how bad could it be? Boy, was I wrong.

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First-Time Homebuyers Guide - Part III


First, admit to yourself that you may not know everything. If you just glanced over that last statement, start this paragraph over again. Why am I making you re-read it? Because when you are viewing a house, you are not likely to take in every little detail which may make or break your purchase. read more

First-Time Homebuyers Guide - Part II


At this point, you should have your credit reports and scores, your maximum monthly payment for a mortgage, and your pre-approval letter from a bank which outlines the maximum you are able to finance.

In most markets, realtor services for the buyer are free, so take advantage of it; their commission comes from the seller. You are going to want to be honest with your realtor but definitely need someone you can trust. Ask your family, friends, and co-workers for an agent they trust. read more

First-Time Homebuyers Guide - Part I


Buying your first home is probably the most stressful thing you'll ever have to do. I am finding I am constantly going back and forth re-tweaking numbers; I wish someone made a list of things to do before even talking to a realtor! Hopefully you can benefit from this series of articles on how to buy your first home.

Our goal at the end of this section is to have three numbers: your credit scores, the maximum monthly mortgage payment you are comfortable with, and a pre-approval letter that has your maximum that is allowed to be financed. read more

The Right Way to get your Free Credit Report


To everyone baffled by the tons of commercials with singing pirates and catchy jingles, consider this post a public service announcement regarding your credit report.

You are entitled to a one (1) free copy of your Credit Report from each credit reporting agency ANNUALLY by law (1 credit report from each credit reporting agency = 3 reports). The ONLY website authorized to do this is Everything else is a scam! read more