OSS PBX End Point Manager

Under Admin / Module Admin, install OSS PSX End Point Manager to easily add in additional types of phones. This will install a few more options under the Connectivity menu.

Navigate to Connectivity / OSS Endpoint Configuration, and click the [Check for Updates] button. After it is complete, install the Cisco package and select your phones. For this project, I installed the 7961G and the SPA112 packages.


Cisco ATA for Analog Phones

I had owned a Panasonic KX-TG7745S from a previous failed experiment. It just did not link to my cell as reliably as I wanted it. This product would be PERFECT for someone with a 900 sq. ft. apartment when their cell phone is charging in an outlet and the owner is too lazy to get up off the beanbag chair to answer the phone, they can reach over and use this. Otherwise, in order to be within the 30 feet required for bluetooth (less if you have an obstacle in the way), you might as well just pick up the damn cell phone. But I digress...

In order to make this investment actually worth something, Cisco makes an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) to allow a traditional cordless analog phone (or hamburger phone) to register as a VoIP phone over an IP network. The Cisco SPA112 was a perfect fit.

The only change to get this working was that I needed to update the Dial Plan to the following:

( xxx | xxxx | [23456789]11 | *xxx. | *xx | <:1352>[2-9]xxxxxx | <:1>[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxxS0 | 1[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxxS0 | 011xxxxxxx. | [#*x][*x][*x]. )


  1. Wiki - Asterisk Phone Cisco 7970 SIP


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